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XML Conversion

XML ConversionXML TaggingWhy AnysInfo?Outsourcing ApproachWhy Outsource?Mark-up Conversion Outsourcing is considered to be a cost effective and time saving process in the publishing business. XML based electronic publishing has gained popularity in the last few decades contributing to its easy of distribution and ability to be transformed to various formats with a single underlying mark-up. For this to be effective, however, it's vital that the document mark-up should be well conformed and extensible. AnysInfo prepares content for electronic distribution and publishing by converting them to structured formats like XML, SGML and XHTML.

We can help you convert your magazines, journals, books, periodicals, newspapers, publications, business forms, legacy data, etc. into mark-up languages such as XML, SGML, XHTML and other proprietary mark-up languages such as ONIX, METS, MARC, DITA, DocBook, OMDoc, etc. Our team has expertise in dealing with multiple languages. We have a capacity of handling high volume conversions using OCR/OWR techniques.

For over 10 years, we have developed and extended our expertise and capacity in document mark-up conversion. E-publishing, being one of the major areas of our production, with over 200 dedicated publishing professionals comprising of data analysts, developers, project managers and quality assurance experts, our expertise in the field has become second to none. We have managed to build up a reputation of being one of the fastest XML conversion service providers with adequate infrastructure and resources that include state-of-the-art conversion software & tools and highly trained employees.

Our e-publishing customers now include many of the top international publishers and companies and organizations, large and small from a wide cross section of market sectors in US and Europe.

Typical XML conversion services are:

  • Image to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • Word/RTF to XML
  • Excel/DBMS to XML
  • XHTML to XML
  • SGML to XML

The XML Conversion services are effectively monitored by our expert quality assurance team assure consistent and optimum accuracy. Our main objective is to provide time bound quality services to our customers. We have proficient XML conversion technical and professional capabilities to incorporate innovative methods and newest technologies. All these assure you considerable cost saving.

We have handled complex and voluminous XML data conversion projects involving multiple file formats and different languages. Our production process has been designed to provide reliable and high quality data processing and content conversion services which cater to large data management requirement.

XML Tagging

Our data conversion services include XML and other mark-up conversion using our proprietary tools. We use customer specified XSD/DTD (Document Type Definition) or a Public XSD/DTD for converting to SGML, XML or any other desired format.

We also carry out citation tagging, document indexing and meta tagging services as post XML conversion services. AnysInfo's XML conversion services will help you enhance and redefine your document conversion strategies.

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