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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Offshore Development Center (ODC)We and our ODCsWhy AnysInfo? The present day business scenario demands that every business house set up their dedicated offshore development centers to serve the growing demands of their offshore clients. These centers of late have become inseparable part and parcel of the renowned software development houses. Like any other big software development house, we at ANYSINFO have also come up with a series of Offshore Development Centers in an attempt to gain advantage over our competitors in terms of serving our offshore clients. Like any other ODCs, that of ours are not only the epitomes our splendid efforts & superb technical skills but also that of reliability, compatibility, mutual understanding & respect between us and our valued clients. In fact, the credit of our offshore excellence entirely rests upon the success of these offshore development centers.

We and our ODCs

Our Offshore Development Centers (ODC) serve as resource pools which are equipped with state of the art infrastructure. They follow a proven & time tested procedure that helps in developing a productive delivery model of outsourcing that in turn facilitates building up a value proposition for the offshore businesses of ANYSINFO.

We have the latest facilities & equipment that allow us to run the series of top quality Offshore Development Centers and offer dedicated services for our offshore clients. It is this flexibility which the clients today look forward to.

Our ODC model not only executes various software development projects but goes much beyond. Our ODCs help in:

  • Retaining the knowledge pertaining to the business and the related processes
  • Providing the capability of quick start-up to come in terms with the new projects and requirements
  • A seamless combination of the client's practices and the business methodologies
  • Providing long lasting support for effective running of the business
  • Experimentation of the new and emerging technologies in a cost effective and low risk way
  • An integrated planning for setting up the right infrastructure, staffing as well as ethical work content which would help our clients to focus more on business
  • Putting more emphasis on the core business areas by taking away the ancillary burdens like talent acquisition and recruitment, training and retention off the clients’ shoulders.

Our ODCs leverage the latest and most intuitive management expertise so as to help maintenance of top class business standards. They facilitate an unabated access to the software professional teams and teams of business analysts with a strong communication skill that would help retain the confidence of our clients regarding future success & growth of businesses. The offshore development centers of ANYSINFO settle on:

  • A variety of quality resources
  • Ability to get the better of differences of time zone across the globe
  • An excellent command over language
  • A strong cultural compatibility
  • Emphasis on our core competencies
  • And last but not the least, cost-effectiveness

Why AnysInfo

We, at ANYSINFO, well appreciate the fact that while outsourcing, our clients need a reliable and costconscious partner with proven expertise in many domains. Taking this into consideration, we always strive to combine our in house development skills and knowledge of many domains with our considerable capacity to offer BPO services, bespoke development and cloud solutions.

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