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Form Processing

Custom Application DevelopmentWhy AnysInfo?Outsourcing ApproachWhy Outsource? Looking for a quality data capturing solution? One that reduces your costs while collecting data from various sources of forms that drive your and your clients' businesses? AnysInfo can help you get the job done easily and quickly. We have years of experience in providing Forms Processing services to many organizations across the globe. By exploiting robust technologies and most advanced techniques, our experienced staff can handle different types of forms to give results that exceed our clients' expectations. This also reduces the chances of human errors during the data collection process.

Forms Processing is a type of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where the handwritten or printed forms are converted into electronic formats like xml, spread sheets, databases, online forms, etc. Form data associated with different domain industries can be extracted and converted into electronic formats. It is a sensitive task with no room for mistakes that can have a huge impact on the businesses if the quality of data does not meet the level of acceptability. Our Forms Processing service follows strict procedures that will ensure clients of our operational efficiency and quality of work. We start off by analysing your organization's various forms and suggesting a Forms Processing procedure. That done, the suggested procedure is then implemented. Finally, if required, we create custom interfaces to import and store the form data within your database repository.

With AnysInfo's Forms Processing services you can always expect quality results as the forms are processed under the direct supervision of experienced, expert data analyst with domain experience and qualified project managers. After the forms are processed, the data is verified by the quality assurance team comprising of experienced quality analysts.

Our Forms Processing services include:

  • Insurance Claims,
  • Accounts, Tax and Legal Forms
  • Check Processing,
  • Invoices Forms Processing,
  • Transaction Processing,
  • Survey/ Market Research,
  • Medical Forms,
  • Resume Processing,
  • E-mail Forms Processing,
  • Online Forms Processing,
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Application Forms Processing,
  • Immigration forms and
  • Questionnaires Processing.

We develop state-of-the-art software for automated extraction of information from the forms by implementing technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Barcode scanning, QR code scanning, etc. Our Forms Processing services are based on advanced techniques for efficient capture and conversion of information. AnysInfo's specialists are capable of working with different formats of data. Our project management and quality teams ensure that the captured information is quality checked, accurate and tested against validations rules to give our clients assurances of reliability of our Forms Processing service.

Benefits of our Forms Processing services are:

  • Rigorous quality checks to ensure data accuracy.
  • Process automation ensures a cost-effective yet reliable service.
  • Experienced team with diverse technology and industry domain exposure.
  • Quick delivery timeframes.
  • Quality-driven services.
  • Secure data upload, collection and collation methods.
  • High quality, scalable output standards.
  • Cost-effective pricing to fit your budget.
  • Customized procedures to suit your specific requirements.
  • Superior technical and customer support.

We also have expertise in implementing a wide range of third party proven tools and applications that will assist you to transform from a slow, manual means of form data capture, to an automated system that minimizes errors and dramatically improves efficiency. Our clients will definitely gain competitive advantages by using our Forms processing services.

Some of the sectors where our services are used in regular basis are publishing houses, health industry, shopping portals, banking and financial institutes, shipping companies, insurance companies, real estate businesses and legal firms.

We provide a very flexible pricing for our form processing services and ensure our pricing structure fits very well within the clients spending budget.

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