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Microsoft Azure – The New MS Revelation

Windows Azure is the new cloud-based OS that facilitates off-site development, management, and hosting of various applications. .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP - Azure supports them all. Hence, the real strength of Windows Azure is its mode of various development services. It constitutes the very platform for various broadcasting devices that a ‘cloud’ is made up of. And the fact that it is built around such live services as MS Dynamics CRM, SQL SharePoint and .NET allows us to expand and extend our services with greater ease and reach newer customers which has always been the mission and vision of our business.

When it comes to implementing a new virtualization layer, MS Azure is equipped to automatically take the responsibility of load distribution through a synchronized process of requesting the resources between the data centers in accordance to the volume. In a nutshell, the entire infrastructure of the datacenters can facilitate various support applications along with emphasizing security as well as a higher availability.

The Windows platform that MS Azure is built on facilitates creation of new services – starting from the relatively simpler to the more complex ones. Besides, the OS helps up to extend the online applications that we already have. MS Azure undoubtedly is the very first step of progression, evolution as well as migration of the client based applications towards the web based services.

What it means to our valued clients

ANYSINFO has always tried to extend optimum benefit to their valued clients. When we speak of MS Azure it will help our clients to write various applications in the same languages that are used in Windows – like C++, Visual Basic, C# and so on. Besides, it also provides the option of using various familiar Windows application tools like Visual Studio along with the well-known Windows technologies like ASP and .NET.

Besides, all the applications that run on MS Azure use their own Virtual Machine (VM) on 64 bit Windows Server with 2008 OS. This means the users will not have to apply their own VMs.

MS Azure is available with a SDK (software development kit). The kit comes up with an Azure environment version including Azure storage and agent. The stuff is known as Windows Azure Development Fabric (WZDF) that helps in working locally while developing & debugging any application and then relocating it to cloud. This, needless to say, increases the scalability & flexibility to a large extent, so much so that users can easily create various applications that are more reliable without any additional coding whatsoever.

The most important part is that, after an application is created, the number of processors that can use the application can be specified. In case, they need to upgrade the application to meet increasing demand, the setting can be simply changed to add more number of processors without any hassle.

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