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Bespoke Application Development

Bespoke Application DevelopmentMobile Application DevelopmentAdvanced Website Design and DevelopmentAt ANYSINFO, we have one of the best & the most competent teams of mobile software developers. We develop customized mobile software solutions for our clients that cater the needs of our clients and which differ in a number of ways from those which are already available in the market. That is the USP of our software solutions and that is what helps us to have clients from every corner of the globe that includes some of the major networks of international market.

We have the expertise for developing mobile software for various types of handheld devices and generation III mobile telecommunication devices which use technologies like WAP, Bluetooth, SMS, 802.11b, and J2ME.

We also have world class expertise in SMS, USSD, WAP, mobile Java & Web app development. We extensively use Linux & open source software for developing various software systems and our core software development team has expertise in mobile development, by using Erlang, PHP as well as J2ME.

ANYSINFO offers end-2-end bespoke development solutions for a variety of mobile services, with emphasis on:

  • Designing, development & deployment of various kinds of mobile client-server apps & systems, by using high tech mobile technologies.
  • Integration of a wide variety of mobile applications with the network administration, billing systems and other types of operational systems including planned billing services that work online for local networks.
  • Integration with the USSD, GPRS and SMS services that are offered by the modern networks.
  • Integration of different kinds of billing services that are offered by the modern networks, specifically for the mobiles.

The plus points of using Bespoke Technology

  • The technology is Use – friendly: The software packages that are developed in bespoke development are much better when it comes to handling and are much easier to use & operate mainly because they are designed in accordance to your needs & aspirations. The software is designed so as to make it work in exactly the way you would like it to work.
  • Complete Control of the user: You will be the sole master of the software with complete control over the functionalities thereof. You can even make modification in accordance to your requirements.
  • Efficient: The software will carry out only those tasks that you would like it to do. Naturally, the degree of efficiency will be much higher.

We have undertaken a lot of projects on bespoke development over a considerable period of time. This has made us one of the pioneers in this field. If you are interested in utilizing our expertise in this field to develop a system that will be custom made only for you get in touch with us for discussing your project.

Mobile Application Development

At present, we see a tremendous boom in technology, more so with the tremendous development of wireless network technology that seems to dominate every aspect of our lives. Mobile App development Industry has responded well to this booming demand and we are proud to announce ANYSINFO is quit a name in the industry. In fact, the cognizance of wireless industry with the entertainment & advertising industries has given rise to a scenario where expectations of the users are limitless and responding properly to this limitless is the need of the hour. That is where our expertise at ANYSINFO lies.

Frankly speaking, we at ANYSINFO deliver various innovative wireless solutions that help in cost cutting along with boosting productivity, generation of revenues for our clients. Our mobile application development team is committed & motivated an objective of leaving a permanent mark on the mobile & wireless industry and extending our expertise to our clients for providing customized mobile phone development & programming solutions have been the mission and vision of our business venture.

The R&D team of Mobile Application Developers that we have is expert and competent enough to provide various value-added economical solutions with an effective & industry compliant set of techniques. We have the required expertise to create real-time and handset-resident mobile applications on various platforms like Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Google Android, iPhone, and Palm OS.

We at ANYSINFO support the business requirements that may significantly vary and hence have the potential to design and develop a wide range of customized mobile app and software platforms. The objective of our business is to create value-added mobile apps that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients with increased efficiency, value addition and functionality.


We at ANYSINFO have the excellence to provide customized mobile apps that would match your business needs & specifications, which is only one of the many advantages it has. Some of the reason why you should rely on ANYSINFO for development of Mobile Applications are:

  • Extensive team comprising of experienced professionals exclusively dedicated for Mobile App Development
  • A sizeable experience in the IT industry pertinent to mobile app development
  • Providing solutions to clients that are cost effective
  • Free of cost internal resources
  • Expansive skilled resources
  • Projects are cost effective that would fit in your budget
  • On time completion and delivery of the projects fit your time constraints
  • Help you gain significant competitive advantage in today’s market

If you are looking for a development firm that will prepare the mobile app just for your use in exactly the way you would like it to, your search ends here

More and more online businesses are opting to use mobile applications to reach a customer base that carries their entire life on their mobile device. Our experts can develop mobile applications that offer the following solutions:

  • Diverse App Development – Our mobile application specialists are highly skilled in creating mobile applications for a wide variety of mobile devices including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and much more.
  • POS Solutions – More consumers are choosing to make purchases on the go and from their mobile devices. Our Point of Sale solutions will provide you with what you need for serving your customer base in a mobile environment.
  • Website Integration - Our experts can create a mobile friendly version of your website that allows your clients to easily find what they are looking for directly from their mobile device.

If you need a customized mobile application and do not see it listed on our website, please feel free to tell us about your needs. We will design an application that suits the mobile requirements of your business perfectly.

Advanced Website Design and Development

We understand that anyone can quickly design a website and launch it online. However, if you are looking to add longevity to your business, a professionally designed website with complete functionality and management tools is what will help you to reach your goals. We can design your website with the following important elements in mind:

  • Unique Design and Appeal – Our experts invest the time to get to know your business and your customers so they can provide you with a consistent brand and identity in a style that appeals to your customer base.
  • User-Friendly Functionality – A website that is difficult to understand and navigate is one of the main reasons visitors quickly make their exit and move on. We can design a website that caters to your visitors with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation and accessibility, and interactive applications that ensure your visitors will have a positive experience.
  • Flexible Functionality – Our experts work with you to ensure that your website is flexible enough to grow as your business grows without the added investment in extra solutions. This includes back-office administration platforms that expand with your business with a variety of automated tasks that reduce paperwork and make the day-to-day tasks easier and less time consuming.
  • Expert Back-end Development – Regardless of your business needs our experts can design your website with cutting edge technologies that allow for user interaction, database development, encryption features, search integration, and any other customized applications that you need to effectively operate your business.

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