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Microsoft .Net

Microsoft .NetANYSINFO and .NET Framework ANYSINFO’s technical expertise Microsoft.NET Framework is one of the most comprehensive as well as consistent model of programming that is primarily used for setting up various applications that are visually seamless with the capacity to set up wide variety of business processes. The present Microsoft.NET Framework version 4 will provide the client a much improved CLR or Common Language Runtime and BCL or Base Class Library, improved access and modeling of vital data, improvement of ASP.NET, and enhancement of WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation, WWF or Windows Work Flow and WCF or Windows Communication Foundation.

Microsoft .Net Framework software framework can be installed on the Microsoft windows OS. The class library of MS .Net Framework provide a wide gambit of developing features that includes UI or user interface, various numeric algorithms, development framework of web application, development of desktop and network application, database connectivity as well as cryptography. The MS.NET Framework that are used by our .Net Developers and ASP net programmers help in creating their own codes & develop new applications. The .Net Framework supports carious server technologies along with the client technologies that include ASP .Net (ASP - active server page), Windows forms forth windows desktop solutions and a compact framework for various PDA & Mobile solutions.

ANYSINFO and .NET Framework

ANYSINFO’s competency team of .NET developers is made up of some extremely experienced and competent .NET certified developers who have the experience of developing the product as well as the applications through a systematic process of VB.NET & ASP.Net software development. Truly, we at ANYSINFO have proven and time-tested expertise and experience in the development, re-engineering, migration and integration of the products by using Microsoft .NET framework. We have provided solutions to both ISV’s and systems companies at different stages in their product life cycle.

We have an established .NET EAP set up and as a part of this program we have the necessary access to all the latest tools of software development within framework of Microsoft .NET. This includes beta versions & various knowledge based information.

Our dedicated Microsoft .NET R&D department carries out unrelenting research on the latest SW releases. It is dedicated to testing new innovations of technologies and follows our culture of knowledge sharing with various departments of the company for ensuring smooth flow of work. The members attend various technical seminars that are organized by Microsoft quite regularly to ensure that we are in tune with the latest developments and innovations and are at par with the business culture prevailing in the industry. Our dedicated.NET R&D team enjoys unabated support from Microsoft, thanks to our dynamic partnership program.

ANYSINFO’s technical expertise

  • Software Design & Development Lifecycle
  • Enterprise Application
  • Distributed Application
  • Web-based Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Data Access, Reporting, Analysis, and Management
  • Advanced Development Technologies

We have the expertise of working on 1.x, 2.0, 3.x, and 4.0 versions of MS. NET framework.

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