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Delivery Model

Delivery ModelOur Centers of Excellence (CoE) The unique engagement & delivery model offered by ANYSINFO would allow you to select an appropriate sourcing strategy that is best suited for your business requirements. We have adopted a follow-the-sun approach, which means irrespective of the location of your business, we can assist you in running your business round the clock as you continue having a seamless control over all the operations.

We have diverse technological, language as well as domain-specific capabilities so as to deliver customized and quality solutions much faster and in line with the local regulatory norms & cultural preferences.

The Delivery Model that we follow has the three following integrated components:

  • An extremely competent team of technicians who ensure highly effective & scalable talent acquisition & management.
  • Integrated quality management processes that are as per the world standards.
  • A multi-layered infrastructure of technology that has a unified global development network, providing a better risk management and round the clock coverage, coupled with a high tech telecommunication network & global collaborative tools.

The USP of our service is our cost effective center options which come to the aide of our clients in helping them obtain the very best possible rates of the industry when it comes to service delivery.

ANYSINFO’s delivery model is comprised of a combination of these low-cost, remote as well as on-site or local centers where our clients can have the advantage of low costs. These centers are equipped to address specific business needs of our clients that include closer proximity when it comes to similarity of languages, locations, lesser time zones and an unperturbed access to the development teams.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE)

We at ANYSINFO have a string of established centers of excellence or 'competency centers’. Operation or Work Flow Management at each of these competency centers is facilitated by SEI CMMI, which is a widely used measurement tool. Using this typical tool will guaranty that irrespective of the location of CSC Delivery Center that you have chosen; the operation will be conducted without compromising the standard or quality of operation.

The Benefits of using the Delivery Centers of ANYSINFO: Cost Savings along with Value Addition

  • Unabated 24X7 technical support provided by the technical team
  • A flexible model of delivery that facilitates steady access to the skills & capabilities needed by the involved personnel
  • A series of cost-effective trouble shooting methods and solutions that is delivered via functional model that operates on a global basis
  • Innovative conceptualization that is delivered through a support and knowledge of some of the best employees in the business
  • Reduction of threat perception or risks through the a cognitive way of creating operational & geopolitical diversity

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