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SaaS Enablement

SaaS Enablement Cloud SolutionsWhy AnysInfo? Software as a Service (SaaS) is an on-demand information technology trend. SaaS hosted solutions enable businesses to minimize costly internal IT infrastructures and gain access to a broad range of software solutions - all on a subscription basis.

If you are considering delivering applications on the cloud or integrating SaaS features in to an existing product, you can leverage on AnysInfo’s capabilities to materialize your objectives.

  • We understand how to design, develop, implement and deploy world-class fail-safe SaaS architected application solutions.
  • We know how to architect prime solutions for SaaS required customer support, including: easy installation, ease of maintenance, simplified administration, and technical support.
  • We have a deep expertise in designing and developing Cloud/SaaS applications and can enable you to achieve SaaS faster.
  • A key factor of SaaS delivery success is the right pricing or subscription based model. We will help you define billing rules and collaborate with you to come up with right pricing methodology.
  • Unlike the traditional software with a multi-instance architecture, SaaS embodies a Multitenant, single instance architecture. If you are looking to take your existing product to the Cloud model, our experts will collaborate with you and offer consultancy in developing a strong architecture.
  • Engage our team to develop your applications – Our Framework will cut down development time and we will bring in best practices and domain know-how to ensure a stable application.

Cloud Computing is predicted and is showing very clear signs of becoming the preferred model of computing in the not too distant future. Gartner predicts that Cloud Computing will be as influential as e-business.

A popular aspect of the Cloud model is the availability of Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • The ability to use Software without costly licensing fees
  • No additional hardware requirements
  • Automatic product updates
  • Pay-as-you-go models

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing is one of the most discussed subjects nowadays but what impact it can have on a business is still unclear. What is the exact use of cloud computing and how can it impact a business? As one of the early embracers of this technology, ANYSINFO can guide you through the learning, implementation and support of cloud computing – complete cloud solutions. We would be helping you in your cloud computing journey by letting you understand this technology and leveraging the same for your business’ benefit.

ANYSINFO’s cloud solutions include data computing and storage at our own data centre. This is then accessible to the end customers, with the help of internet, on a shared or dedicated or virtual server on a pay per use model. Cloud computing or cloud solutions come with several benefits. For instance, you are not required to pay for the hardware or software infrastructure thus cutting down your operational expenditures.

Cloud computing is offered in various forms like infrastructure as a service (hardware), SAAS or software as a service) service and platform as a service (technology). As a premier cloud solutions providing company, ANYSINFO passes on the benefits of virtualization to their customers by providing the perfect computing solution.

Some of the noted benefits of Cloud computing solutions are:

  • Huge savings on the operation costs of a company
  • Increased scalability
  • Pay per use and as your business grows
  • State-of-the-art data centers
  • Optimal use of resources like server and CPU
  • Faster implementation

We are here to do the legwork on your behalf and implement cloud solutions for your business that would not only reduce your operation costs but also enhance your business through faster implementation of applications and seamless computing. We have integrated some of the leading technologies from industry leaders like EMC, Cisco in order to provide enhanced cloud computing solutions.

All the cloud computing solutions are specifically designed to cater to your unique business requirements and overcome the current business challenges. We can make your transition to the cloud servers a smooth journey by providing you architecture design, infrastructure management, server infrastructure, virtualization, infrastructure management and email infrastructure. Our range of expertise includes collaboration with all the premium cloud providers, server or hosting setups and back-end architecture. Companies of every size can ask us to audit, analyze and train their personnel for scaling and migration to cloud solutions. Get in touch with us to know how you too can benefit from our Cloud Solutions.

Why AnysInfo?

AnysInfo develops world-class SaaS applications across a broad range of vertical markets, including:Banking and Finance, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education and E-learning, Energy and Utilities, and Healthcare.

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