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When it comes to development of software systems for legal and related issues, ANYSINFO is quite a name that provides cost effective legal software solutions. We provide software solutions that facilitate quick, easy as well as accurate calculation of every variety of graduated fees & claims.

Effective functionalities in regards to integrated marketing that is provided by our software team will help in running your targeted campaigns with optimum success. Besides, it also facilitates in selecting the database contacts via email, mail or fax with the use of a wide variety of user definable criterion. We also help you to upgrade your existing software system for enhanced visibility of the relationships with your existing client base. This in turn assists you in improving retention of your clients besides facilitating the growth of your business by helping you in identification of a wide range of cross-selling opportunities along with acquiring new customers.

For instance, the business intelligence reporting & strategizing module that we develop on the basis of the customer feedback of our clients is designed to help them in generating elaborate analytical charts & reports. This helps in in-depth assessment of referral origin evaluation and net fee turnaround. Thus, an improved visibility and control over all these critical parameters is extremely vital when it comes to taking certain strategic decisions.

We at ANYSINFO have the infrastructure and the ability to improve the software platforms existing with our clients. We also have the technology to facilitate enhanced interactions with the clients, colleagues as well as the legal bodies in a wide range of formats & with an improved control. This naturally helps our clients in quickly gathering, creating & sharing information, online collaboration or collaboration over mobiles. Besides, it also helps in protecting confidential files of clients and managing vital documents with more efficiency so as to improve the overall performance of the business.

Productivity Enhancement along with saving time & money with the help of tools especially designed for legal personnel

The tools that are designed to be used by legal professionals not only make their work easier but ensure that the legal procedures they follow are foolproof and are not time consuming. We have the necessary infrastructure and the expertise to assist our clients in improving the existing features of their software platforms to ensure that all the sensitive & classified client documents remain safe and secure. We also assist in creating Reveal Codes that helps in hassle-free formatting of documents & creating ‘Table of Authorities’.

Providing assistance in sharing files and collaboration with anyone, anytime and anywhere

With an infrastructure and support for over 60 types of file formats, we help in improved and easier sharing of files with anyone, located anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day or night. Experts of our technical team who are specialized in working with legal software provide round the clock support to our clients to ensure smooth running of software.

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