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eBook ConversionWhy AnysInfo?Outsourcing ApproachWhy Outsource?Electronic publishing, also known as E-Publishing, is the production and delivery of digital information in the form of PDF files, eBook reader formats such as MobiPocket, ePub or published online over the internet. Publishers have already established themselves with XML-based workflow to electronically publish their materials that may originate as traditional published paperbacks or may be created specifically for electronic publishing.

It is also becoming common to distribute news, journals, magazines and newspapers to consumers through online portals and hand-held devices, a market that is growing by millions each year. Electronic publishing is increasingly becoming popular in works of fiction as well as with scientific articles. With the growing interest of consumer's approach toward eBook and with the help of eBook conversion service providers to convert eBook from PDF, word document or any text format, publishers are finding a new way to publish their eBook to customers from any part of the world in quite a cost effective way which helps them to increase their eBook sales in significant way.

Using AnysInfo's extensive expertise in eBook creation, we have developed our own in-house processes that enable us to easily and efficiently replicate the original data or documents to an eBook. We have a dedicated electronic publishing department and a number of process automation tools that helps to generate the desired eBook file output. Our eBook conversion department works towards maximizing portability, versatility and the interactivity of electronic books enabling eBooks to be read on desktop machine, portable and handheld devices, tailored to suit the individual requirements of the reader.

AnysInfo has close to 7 years of experience in working with various global clients from different domain industry, publishing being primary. Our professional team has abundance technical expertise and language know-how to be able to work in any and all type of eBook formats. Irrespective of your source file format, be it printed books, layout design tool formats (Quark, InDesign), PDF, images, etc., AnysInfo has the capability of generating eBook file formats like PDF, AWZ (Kindle), EPUB 2, EPUB 3, Mobi, iBooks, etc.

Benefit of using our eBook conversion service:

  • We support almost all eBook formats. You name it, we do it.
  • We have proven records of converting abundant and complex content with varied layouts.
  • We support almost all types of input formats ranging from scanned images to another eBook format.
  • Our conversion rates are quite reasonable as compared to other service providers.
  • We can produce any volume of given work in given turnaround time.
  • Our eBook conversion price is flexible based on the easiness of output creation.
  • Bulk ordering entitles for attractive discounts.
  • Our vast experience with producing eBooks since past 7+ years.
  • Our long existence in the domain of eBook conversion is a proof to our success.
  • We aim to achieve our goals through customer delight.

If you looking out for eBook Conversion Services, it is important to find one which offers you great quality and has proven track record. eBook conversion requires expert hands able to craft eBook in professional looking, readable yet simple formats. eBook conversion demands technology awareness to ensure the final output is very light-weight with proper styling and ultimate designs, soothing to the eyes of the reader. We strive to create eBooks with an intention to make it look simple, non-cluttered so as to grab not only readers' attention but also boost their interest in reading eBooks. We strive for quality as we believe in winning customers' heart and not merely finishing the task. We have propriety software and tools in-house in place to assure you best quality for lesser cost and faster turnaround time.

AnysInfo service is all about quality and quantity. We are a team of professionals motivated and equipped with years of experience to offer you total quality control. We understand very well that different publishers use different publishing techniques and platforms and hence we are geared up to accept any variety of eBook conversion requests w/o compromising on quality and our standard of service. This is where our experienced project managers and quality assurance team come into action. No matter in which file format you are submitting a project or in which file format we need to output, our experts always takes best care to ensure the results are accurately represented and of outstanding quality.

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