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OCR Conversion

OCR ServicesAutomated ProcessingManual ProcessingCustom OCR Solutions AnysInfo has a wide range of experience in handling various types of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion projects. OCR technology has advanced and improved considerably in the recent years and our expertise in the field is growing with it consistently. We have ensured that our OCR experience has fuelled our growth significantly by helping a large customer base to cut short their data mining, extraction and conversion costs.

Our expert data analysts are capable of handling large, complex, multi-language OCR conversion project by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies, powered by rigorous quality checking processes to ensure the correctness and integrity of data. By leveraging the power of various off-the-shelf OCR tools, scripting languages and SDKs (Software Development Kits), we have been able to create a highly reliable and matured OCR conversion process.

Customized solutions involving OCR conversion as batch-wise bulk processing is also provided by us. This involves input definition, pattern training, area zoning, font & language customization and output definition apart from other things. Text and characters from scanned documents (including multipage files), photographs and digital camera captured images are recognized directly to the preferred output formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rtf, Html, XML and Txt. Converted documents retain the original form with tables, columns, bullets and graphics – all intact. Service includes zonal OCR for recognizing specifically zoned text from a scanned image.

Various benefits availed by our customers when opting for our OCR conversion services are:

  • Manipulate text reading order for conversion.
  • Alternate text replacement for graphic objects.
  • Language based OCR conversion
  • Tables, columns and formatting are retained to match the original look.
  • Specify and restrict zones that need to be recognized.

AnysInfo offers following services under OCR:

  • Image PDF to Text PDF conversion
  • Multi-paged TIFF/Image PDF conversion
  • Zonal OCR Service to capture pre-defined zones of the document
  • Forms OCR Service to capture specific field information
  • Financial documents data extraction
  • Magazine and Book OCR Service

Automated Processing

Automated OCR conversion process involves setting up OCR parameters (input formats, input and output file paths, task scheduling, associating zonal templates, language settings, output information etc.) and let the OCR conversion get done automatically. At times our customers require us to monitor a folder for a new input file and trigger a parameter based OCR conversion on-the-fly. We provide custom solutions using various SDKs and scripting languages to facilitate this. The converted files are pushed over into a database, CMS or FTP folder as per the requirements.

Manual Processing

Depending on the document complexities a less automated approach will be implemented to provide more accurate and accessible OCR text. This involves our expert operator to attend to such documents manually. With our years of experience put in the research and development for coming up with a very scalable approach towards OCR conversion, we have been able to develop multiple automated process templates and scripts to facilitate manual OCR processing methods. Our OCR solution is mainly an amalgamation of proven off-the-shelf software and in-house automation tools, thus facilitating a more accurate and faster conversion output.

Custom OCR Solutions

We have a team of skilled in-house programmers dedicated to OCR processing automation that utilises various Software Development Kits (SDKs) and programming tools to not only automate the conversion process but also maximises accuracy, speed and efficient management of the data process.

However be the project, our skill and expertise in OCR conversion guarantees the best solution at a highly competitive price. We pride ourselves on quality, and have developed in-house validation and quality control procedures to ensure the highest levels of data output. In particular, we have the capacity to provide fast same-day and overnight turnaround of data not only in English but many other languages including most West European.

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