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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a set or a bunch of services that help in programmatic access to the ready-for-use computing infrastructure. This robust Platform-agnostic computing focuses mainly on certain basic building-block services which help in fulfilling fundamental requirements of systems viz. storage, datasets, computing, and messaging. It helps in architecting various complex as well as diverse enterprise applications by the process of various layering functions besides being one of the most reliable and money-making building-block applications that are offered by Amazon. The AWS exists in a cloud outside an environment.

The users pay on the basis of the rate of usage with no need to upfront the expenditure and the capital outlay. This means there are no maintenance costs as the hardware is entirely maintained & serviced by Amazon. One of the salient features of the AWS is that the infrastructure is flexible and the users have the option of scaling the number of applications up & down according to the demand. Naturally, we at ANYSINFO have planned to put this flexible computing technology to optimize our services.

We at ANYSINFO provide two support levels our clients who use Amazon Web Services:

  • Free support that is based on forum of the staffs of Amazon who take round the clock take care of the Amazon forums
  • Paid packages which extend one-on-one phone support

AWS and our clients – a bondage that counts

With the AWS, our clients will be able to concentrate on their business instead of spending sleepless nights managing the servers and being tormented by the thought of running short of disk space as so on.

Affordable cost: As AWS offers a relatively lower and affordable pricing sans any hidden or up-front costs or a long-term commitment, this will invariably help our clients to avail our services that lower price as this indicates that the designing costs are kept at minimal.

Agility & instantaneous flexibility:

As AWS is designed to provide an enormous global infrastructure for cloud computing, it will allow the clients to innovate and do a lot of experimentation and iteration and help them in immediate deployment of new applications. It also helps to instantaneously scale up as the demand and the work load increase.


The clients will be able to select a particular development platform or a programming model that will be the most pertinent one for the business. It gives the option of selecting the service that will be in use. This flexibility helps the user to give more emphasis on innovation rather than the infrastructure.

Increased degree of security:

AWS is an absolutely safe, secured, & durable platform with certifications recognized by the industry and the audit like PCI DSS Level 1, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SSAE 16. This makes the platform the safest and provides a lot confidence to our value clients and that reflects on their performance.

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