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Outsourcing has become a most viable option for different industry verticals and publishing houses are not an exception to this. Today, even the larger publishing houses are taking to outsourcing to delegate different functions and operations. They have become aware of the importance of going digital primarily because online readership is on a rise compared to print readership. They have realized that e-publishing is their only alternative to sustain and survive in this competitive world. However, for this, they need to depend on external means which are brilliant, time-saving and cost-effective. We at AnysInfo understand the needs and requirements of the publishing industry and hence, have upgraded ourselves beyond normal industry standards in the field of E-publishing or electronic publishing to help it fulfill the underlying goals.

Our team of professionals with their sound technical and technological knowledge is all prepared to create and deliver digital information in PDF format, eBook reader formats including ePub and MobiPocket on the internet. They can help any publishing company with the distribution of journals, magazines, news and newspaper via online platforms and hand-held devices. Since our understanding and market research also suggests that consumers are showing more interest towards eBook when it comes to fiction and scientific articles reading, we have equipped ourselves to become one of the finest eBook conversion service providers in this realm. We have set up an electronic publishing department internally along with a wide range of process automation tools to generate high quality eBook file output.

Our internal processes are well developed and integrated to cater to all types of publishing needs. We are proud of the fact that our constant skill enhancement practices and upgradation of facilities place us among the best outsourcing service providers across the world. We take great care in delivering cost-effective and timely e-Publishing solutions to our buyers. We are committed to our clients and our services. Due to this, we have been able to increase portability, flexibility and the integration of electronic books across various user platforms such as desktops, hand-held devices, etc.

We cherish every relationship with our clients. By realizing an association with us, our clients get to enjoy several benefits. And here are some of them:

  • Reasonable and flexible E-book conversion rates
  • Quick and punctual turnaround time
  • Good discounts on large orders
  • Delightful customer service
  • Easy access to talent and expertise
  • Choice of a large variety of eBook formats

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