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Standards & Practices

ISO 9001: 2008 certification

This certification pertains to our approach to the Quality Management System. As per the norms, it is imperative that a company establishes, maintains & implements, documents, and frequently endeavors its services with a view to improve its Quality Management System. And that is what we at ANYSINFO maintain so as to maintain the quality of our business effort at par with the globally acclaimed standards. The strictures demand that we pay a constant attention to the needs and the requirements of our valued customers and in the process make sure that satisfaction of our clients is always at the very optimal level. The certification also guaranties that our management team is constantly devoted in designing effective quality management plans. It also guarantees that the team ensures that the plans are properly implemented & carried out in accordance to the outlined documents. Employees & the members of the project team should be properly trained and be equipped with the necessary tools & technology so as to meet the plans of the quality management system and related processes.

Commitment to Quality

The USP of our service is our uncompromising commitment to the quality of the product and services that we deliver. The mission and vision of our business has always been providing optimum satisfaction to our customers. Hence, in order to ensure that we are able to do that, we continuously thrive to enhance the quality of our product and service with the help of constant research and development carried out by our R&D team. Besides, by a continuous process of review and evaluation of our existing business and working, we at ANYSINFO make sure that we are able to maintain the very optimum standard of our performance and the quality of our product, service, our operating functionalities and the parameters thereof. It is this dedication, which acts as the reflection of our tireless commitment to maintain the quality of our products and services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our tireless effort to maintain the standard and quality is manifested by the feedback that we regularly get from our all important clients. Yet, there is no room for competency – we constantly monitor our performance vis-à-vis the customer feedback to find out the loopholes (if any) and chalk out effective strategies so as to plug them. The yardstick of customer service changes with time and all the companies are jostling with each other to take customer service to a new level to outshine others. In this race for excellence, we take the help of the latest technology and the industry standards to ensure that we do not lag behind when it comes to delivering the best product and services to our client base that is increasing with every passing day.

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