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Engagement Model

Engagement ModelAnalyzing Projects Working on Projects Ensuring High Quality Customer Services Providing Maintenance and Support Services Partnering with another company to realize outsourcing deals is an intricate process. The success of this relationship relies solely on the alignment of interests of both the parties including buyers (companies) and suppliers (outsourcing vendors). In order to facilitate this alliance, a sound engagement model is required to be in place. A successful engagement model is built on the basis of expert analysis of pricing trends and relationship outlook across different segments. The companies which buy services look at an engagement model in the context of their own businesses so that the size and the nature of the project to be assigned don’t get affected. Therefore, as a trustworthy outsourcing firm, it’s the duty of ANYSINFO to create such dynamic engagement models that suit the interest of the buyers of its services. To implement this, we at ANYSINFO focus on a variety of aspects of a project or contract.

Analyzing Projects

After we receive all the details of a project, our technical team analyzes its specifications from every aspect and provides a proper estimate of the cost and time required to be invested to complete the task. Once the document is ready, it is sent back to the clients for approval and confirmation. Based on their feedback, we design project and deliverable proposals. Following this payment and other factors are finalized.

Working on Projects

As soon as we get confirmation from our clients, we get going with the project. Once the project is finished, we send its final version to the clients concerned.

Ensuring High Quality Customer Services

We take pride in our superior customer servicing ability. During the entire tenure of the project, we keep our clients fully abreast of the latest developments and status. We ensure that our clients find no difficulty in tracking the status of the project from development to completion phase. This transparent and flexible approach from our end helps customers to interact more clearly and openly with the developers and obtain desired output at cost-effective rates.

Providing Maintenance and Support Services

We offer maintenance and support services (if required) after accomplishing the final delivery of the projects to our clients.

Our open, analytic and flexible approach towards all the customers is a proof that we give value to quality. Since what we deliver promises to be a notch above the industry’s standards, we expect our customers also to be thoroughly professional in their dealings. Our payment terms and conditions completely comply with our higher outsourcing expertise, motivating us to excel more and more. Thus, we don’t compromise on the payment that has been mutually agreed up on. Once the project is delivered and approved by the client, we ask for full and final payment.

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