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Healthcare Industries

Top-notch healthcare organizations maintain a transparent business model that meets the regulatory demands of the modern healthcare industry.

At ANYSINFO, we assist the leading healthcare organizations in enhancing their operational efficiencies, streamlining their internal processes, modernizing their business and developing their customer intimacy to enable them in meeting industry compliances.

Today ANYSINFO is one of the leading names in healthcare industry in terms of designing and setting up consolidated management technology, various EDI platforms and a networking setup. Our research and development team of software developers & technicians have a sound experience in setting up built-in edits & delivering various Claredi-certified transactions. Our clearinghouse that is EHNAC-certified has already set up a huge number of direct payer connections that includes Medicare & Medicaid payers countrywide. As a proof of our leadership in the relevant field we have the credit of processing over a million transactions on a yearly basis that helps us to earn a huge amount of revenue. That revenue is again channelized for further research and development that help us to meet the industry needs.

We provide a wide variety of services & technologies for the healthcare service providers, customers, and physicians besides providing services for management of revenue cycle including claim-processing (ASP, Clearinghouse & Direct), management of documents and business office paper claims outsourcing.

Client Challenges that we at ANYSINFO take up

  • Management of a dynamic business mode that leads to a patient-centric healthcare management system
  • Helping our clients to comply with the regulatory pressures of cost containment coupled with a streamlined incentive alignment process
  • Handling a huge amount of digitized data from numerous sources that leads to an explosion of data
  • Implementing various reforms so as to provide a greater focus on management of health service & preventive care

What ANYSINFO Provides for improvement of Health Care Industry?

Our R&D team assists our clients and helps them innovate & transform their healthcare enterprises. They offer services that comprise of multiple IT solutions, BPO, consulting & infrastructure and development services. Some of the areas that enjoy our focus are:

  • ICD-10 & HIPAA 5010
  • Modernization of Legacy system
  • mHealth initiatives
  • Payer CRM initiatives
  • Electronic health exchanges & records
  • Exchanges offering Health information
  • Management and hosting Healthcare infrastructure and
  • Healthcare analytics & business intelligence
  • Digital strategizing

Fallout of our services

  • A flawless customer experience across various touch-points that include mobile applications & devices, IVR, internet, and voice
  • A significant decrease of repeat prescriptions
  • Considerable reduction of refilling errors due to an efficient management of members & customers as a one point entity across multiple LOBs

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